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Every business needs a website,
from a 1 person kitchen table operation to a multi-national corporation.

We create websites of any size
and any level of sophistication.

Need a simple web site to advertise your business? We can do that.

Need a sophisticated web site with all the newest bells and whistles? We can do that.

Need someone to maintain your website on an ongoing basis? We can do that.

Need a large ecommerce website with security, databases, remote maintenance and more? We can do that.

But a lot of people and companies make web sites. There are even easy programs at some hosting sites that allow you to create simple websites yourself. What differentiates us?

If you take your idea to the usual web developer they can make a technically nice website. But you must supply all the text for that website. You must write well thought out copy, all spelled correctly, grammatically correct and attractive from a marketing perspective. You must have a clear vision of what you want.

Most web developers are not marketing or sales people. When you decide to get your business on the Internet or update your existing website it is often difficult to know what to say or how to say it. We work with you to be sure you are really 'speaking' to your market and your customers through your web presence. We help you define your target markets.

What you say and how you say it is far more important that anything else. Sometimes pictures and graphics are the best way to express what you want to say. Sometimes it is excellently written copy. We make sure you have both. No worries, we can do it for you.

When you hire us to build your web presence we will:
  • Work closely with you to write great copy for your website that will say exactly what you want to say to your customers and clients

  • Create custom graphics and logos that express your business and your vision

  • Make sure that your vision is expressed on the Internet

  • Maintain and update that website for you as your business changes and grows and new technologies become available

  • Make sure your website is marketed properly

  • Make sure your Search Engine Optimization work is done extremely well

  • Translate your copy into different languages

  • Make sure your international pages are grammatically and culturally correct


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