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Jon Shore

Jon Shore

Jon Shore has been a lifelong entrepreneur, psychotherapist and visionary. He is a renowned expert in innovating, reading markets and accurately predicting future trends. Along with his business career, Jon has spent 40+ years as a psychotherapist, writer, inventor, trainer, coach and lecturer with expertise in corporate and markeing psychology, stress management and personal improvement. Jon founded JBS Group to specialize in supporting companies with innovations, creativity, wellness, customer loyalty and team cohesiveness. Clients have included Sony, Ticketmaster, Western Union, Disney, Bank of America, British Telecom and MasterCard. He has been a sought out expert in the fields of mobile payment, loyalty, marketing, customer service, tourism and ticketing spaces for the past 17 years in Europe, Asia and North America. Jon now makes his home in Riga, Latvia where he has founded two startups as well as providing business support services to entrepreneurs and companies. Jon's languages are English, German, Spanish.

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